What is DiscipleNow?

DNow is an "at home" retreat weekend that provides a wonderful opportunity for students to hear about a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

What makes it different than any other retreat?

1. The students are isolated. - Students are away from technology, social media, and other temptations for one whole weekend. Because of this they are able to focus on other things and their hearts and minds are more receptive to the truth.

2. The students are digging in to the word.- On top of getting all the bad stuff away they are having good things poured in to them. Therefore more and more seeds are planted and taking root.

3. Others are praying for them.-  If done right, your whole church should be bathing your weekend and the students who attend it in prayer.  And as we know, when the church comes together to pray powerful things happen. 

All these factors and others make this an incredible weekend for students to experience life change. 
For this weekend to come together - we need host homes, food donations and/or monetary donations.
Would you be able to host 4-6 students and one chaperone in your home? Could you donate breakfast and lunch food for the weekend? Or make a monetary donation? If so - please contact Caleb Lang (678-373-2109).