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Our church family grown to the point that we are in need of a full-time Children's Minister! God is so good. Our Children's Ministry is such a vital part of our church and will require the utmost care and direction. We have several ministries within our greater Children's Ministry:

Children's Church


Sunday School

Kids Choir

Job Description

Principle Function:
The Director of Children’s position is responsible to the Pastor for assisting church
program organization/committees to develop a comprehensive program of childhood
education. They will consult with other staff members concerning activities, policies and
procedures that relate to their areas reasonability.
• Advise with program organization leaders to enlist children’s workers.
• Coordinate calendar, organize events and recruit volunteers by working with the
children committee.
• Lead weekend services and special events for the Flat Creek Baptist Church
Children’s ministry by working with volunteers to ensure the ministry at Christ
center, fun and energetic.
• Conduct special training projects for children’s workers in proper relationship to
the church training program.
• Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies, and space by
children’s group in all the church program organization.
• Oversee and assist Vacation Bible School directors
• Develop and implement curriculum for a children’s education program which will
lead children to a deeper relationship with Jesus and reflect the core beliefs of
• Lead the children’s church ministry through teaching.
• Instructional practices and strategies should be fun and invigorating
strategies, losing doctrinal integrity.
• Implement sound instructional practices (e.g., instructional strategies,
technology) to maintain student engagement

• Collaborate with the Awana ministry as a Coordinate to continue to upbuild this
• Utilize Awana ministry as a connection point for families who are

• Develop and implement a registration and check out procedure to ensure the
safety of all children
• Design, develop, communication and implement an integrated recruiting strategy
to ensure that a volunteer pipeline is being created through various efforts.
• Organize targeted information sessions and recruitment schedule based
on critical need areas of the children’s ministry
• Develop and maintain a network of volunteers
• Match areas of need with volunteers’ areas of strength
• Identify and develop volunteers who will love the children of FCBC
unconditionally and without favoritism in the hopes of seeing them saved/
and or growing in their work with Christ.

• Monitor progress of recruiting sessions and modify s needed
• Follow up with potential volunteers to encourage application completion.
• Assist in the development of an annual budget for children ministries and
manage the spending of budgeted funds along with committee chairs
• Function as a member of the Pastoral staff
• Provide Pastoral services (e.g., weddings, funerals, visitation) as needed
• Prepare for different/unique needs which may arise in the lives of children
and their families

• Preform all other duties as assigned

Skill qualifications: Appropriate educational degree or experience preferred; high degree
of skill oral and written communication; proven ability to work with children form ages 1-
5th grade; high degree in organization and problem solving; ability to analyze existing
processes; identify areas of improvement, and implement process improvement
initiatives; ability to translate needs and challenges into creative solutions; must
possess effective human relations skills; ability to act as a representative of Flat Creek
Baptist Church ( FCBC) and to establish professional working relationship with
members and potential members; ability to comfortably conduct presentations to
audiences of varying size and organizations makeup; and ability to work across
functional boundaries and interact with members at all levels of the church.
This is a full-time position.


You can use the contact link on the home page or you can click the following email to send in any questions you may have.

We look forward to what God has in store for our Children's Ministry